Tacos N' Tequila

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Tacos n' Tequila Festival

One of our clients, High Spirits Hospitality, came to us in early 2017 with the idea of creating a new food festival in downtown Greenville, which has a fairly full calendar of events. We helped them create the Tacos N’ Tequila Fiesta at The Old Cigar Warehouse in April 2017. We decided on that month because the weekend had no other major events as well as there was not a “fun” event in the Spring Greenville. We needed to do a lot of work with not a lot of time to do so.

Tacos n' Tequila Fiesta in GreenvilleWe quickly sprang into action by creating a logo and website for the event.  As soon as that was done, we sent out our first release that focused on the event. The release focused on the newness of the event as well as the wide swath of restaurants and taco shops taking part. The main focus was to share that put would get samples of tacos and tequila drinks in an exclusive and fun format. We knew Tacos N Tequila was going to be a hit when we posted in our Facebook page with the hashtags like #tacosforgreenville #tacos 2017 and #tacontequila that led to more than 100 shares in the first 12 hours. We then worked with High Spirits Hospitality and the restaurant social media teams to come up with vendor spotlights and social media tags. When we realized the event was going to sell out, we decided our next step was to make sure the media was excited. We set up media interviews for the week leading up to the festival that focused on a mix of traditional and new media. We also created press packets for the event to give to media VIPs showing up. We also arranged a deal with a local news site (GVLToday) for sponsorships. Finally, on the day of the event, we created original social media content such as videos and Gifs and served as the MC for the award portion, which were the plaques with tiny golden sombreros on them. With a sellout crowd of 800 people, the goal of raising awareness was a definite success. In addition, we had more than a dozen media members show up the day of the event, which again showed success. However, the most important thing in terms of success was walking into a Greenville taco shop about six months after the event and seeing one of the Golden Sombrero awards hanging on the wall.