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It’s not every day you hold a press conference for a movie in Greenville.

We should know. We’ve done it. More than once actually, but today we are focusing on the movie, “Chronology.”


It started when Hollywood actors William Baldwin and Danny Trejo were spotted around Greenville. People went hmmm. We went hmmmm. The local media went hmmm. One of the film’s producers, Dark Corner Films, went, “we better do something about this.” So, they called us because of past work we did together. They needed a press conference and they need one fast. Working with the directors, we decided making these stars available quickly, but in a controlled setting, was the best option.  Complete PR created press kits and handled media for an early morning press conference to allow local media unparalleled access to these stars. We managed to not only get the film stars interviewed, but also effectively localized the story by including local actors and producers involved as well as the local producers.


The movie came out. We have to admit, it’s pretty cool. You should check it out. And check out this press coverage.