85-385 Gateway Project


The largest transportation project in Upstate history

In 2015, the South Carolina Department of Transportation working in conjunction with Flatiron-Zachary started construction on the second largest roads project in state history – the 85-385 Gateway Project. This is a $231 million project that promises to transform the Upstate region.


Our team was brought in to create a long-term media plan that would relay facts and data about the project to the community at large, while also keeping key stakeholders aware of the project.  

This work includes: creating the name brand (Gateway), developing a logo, writing all press releases and media advisories, conducting public meetings, facilitating meetings with key public groups, creating an e-newsletter, monitoring social media, developing PowerPoint presentations, writing op-eds for the media, and developing a strategy for groundbreakings and other events. We have worked closely with the SCDOT public relations team as well as part of a larger public relations team that includes members of the various entities involved in the project. This is an on-going project so full results are not available, but we have created an award winning logo and brochures for the project (2016 IABC Awards) as well as assisted with social media strategy.



The project successfully kicked off in February 2016 with a ceremonial shoveling of dirt and work is moving in earnest. The media, of course, has been tremendous. It seems like we have positive news articles every few weeks about the work. The project is scheduled to finish by 2020.