2017 Internships

Who we are looking for:

Well, for starters, we need someone who is self-motivated and hits the ground running day one. You’ll be working with our team on everything from media relations to social media management to crisis communications and more.


While every day in the public relations field is different, our interns are generally expected to help with the following:

  • Writing press releases
  • Managing website and social media content for the firm and clients
  • Tracking media coverage of clients and events
  • Making follow-up calls to the media
  • Assisting with event planning and client strategy
  • Attending meetings with clients

In addition, we want you to experience as much of the public relations field as possible. That means you’ll be shadowing and assisting us with press conferences, client strategy meetings, and other events. Flexibility and a willingness to learn is key!

At the end of your time with us, you’ll walk away with:

  • A strong understanding of the different elements of public relations
  • A strong understanding of public relations writing, including AP style and writing for different purposes (press releases, op-eds, and digital content)
  • Experience using public relations software, including content management software and media monitoring software
  • Experience putting together and executing an event plan


A strong desire to learn about everything the industry has to offer is a must. Time and project management skills are also essential. And we’d like you to have a little knowledge under your belt before you get here, so you need to have completed your sophomore year of college.

This is a 30 hour per week internship, so we’re also looking for someone who can commit to working in our office three to four days per week for several hours each day. This internship lasts for approximately three months, from end of May through mid-August.

What will we need from you?

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • A writing sample*

*But not just any writing sample. We at Complete Public Relations want to see how you think and if you can fit our corporate culture. This writing sample is a test of your creative thinking and your public relations knowledge.

We want you to take a person, event or organization from one of the following television shows/movies, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Game of Thrones, Girls,  or Park & Recreation and write a public relations plan for it. The plan must include the following:

  • Address the reason why the person, event or organization needs a new public relations strategy.
  • What you would do to change the public image of that person, event or organization.
  • One sample press release for that person, event or organization.
  • What social media would be included in the campaign, as well as sample hashtags and a plan to target different audiences.
  • Plans on how to handle negative feedback to your person, event or organization.
  • Anything else you feel is needed to tell the story.

To give you an idea of what we may be looking for (but don’t use these ideas!),  a plan to justify The First Order building a new Starkiller base; a book deal for Tyrion Lannister; Little Sebastian: The Musical, or…well, you hopefully, get the idea.

Send all information to info@completepr.net by April 28, 2017. Phone and in-person interviews will be conducted after this date. Thank you for your interest!